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10 Best Night Moisturizers | Tips to Choose the Right Night Moisturizer

The common concept of a moisturizer is that it is used for moisturizing the skin only. However, that is not just about it. A right moisturizer can transform the skin completely and even address serious skin conditions.

When you are asleep, the skin cells are in the process of regeneration. Applying a good moisturizer at night that has all the nutrients skin needs can help improve the process and bring a natural glow to the face that is needed. Therefore, adding a night moisturizer to your skincare routine can assist your skin to rejuvenate like no other product.

I have compiled a list of the top 10 moisturizers that can transform your skin while you sleep peacefully. They are based on customer reviews and ratings. Therefore, they are completely unbiased and based on thorough research.

Also, you will find a detailed guide for proper skincare steps you need to follow before heading to bed. It will help your moisturizer to work even better. So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

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10 Best Night Moisturizers ​​​​

Things to Do Before Heading to Bed

Have you see women in their 40’s looking all youthful with a healthy skin? If yes, you need to know what their secret is.

Night is the time when you are done with all the work and ready to head to your bed. But wait! Do you know how that makeup you applied in the morning has melted down and settled into the pores of your skin? Plus, there is whole lot of dirt that your face attracts throughout the day that also adds to the oil and makeup particles.

Now, ask yourself if you really want to sleep with that entire gunk dwelling on your face. The answer is quite obvious and I can hear it out loud. It is a big NO. So, here are some steps that you need to know and follow. These steps will help your skin to stay supple and prevent it from getting dull and full of pimples and blackheads:

Here we go!

Remove the Makeup

Removing the makeup thoroughly is essential. Do not ever go to bed with any makeup on. It will not only seep into the skin and cause breakouts but it can be seriously hazardous for the sensitivity of the skin. Therefore, use a gentle formula for removal of makeup. I would suggest you to use completely pure coconut oil, as it is really efficient in getting all the makeup off the face. Take the oil on a clean cotton swab and gently remove the makeup.

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Water Cleanse Thoroughly

Once you are done with removing the makeup, take a gentle water cleanser and cleanse your face with it properly. Doing so will help to get rid of the oil and any residues of makeup. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. And pat it dry with a clean cotton cloth.

Use a Night Moisturizer

Now, take a great rejuvenating night moisturizer and apply it to your entire face. Gently massage your skin in circular motions for better blood flow in the skin cells when you sleep. You can get yourself any of the above night moisturizers as they are all extremely hydrating and work like a replenishing night mask for the skin.

De-puff the Eyes with Eye Cream

The under-eyes often get wrinkled and puffy due to lack of sleep or stress. If you want to take their tiredness and puffiness off, use a nice eye cream after you are done applying your night moisturizer. Take tad bit of it and massage the eyes with cream gently until it settles into the lines. You can also get a cream for your dark circles.

De-puff the Eyes with Eye Cream

Apply a Serum

Take a nice rejuvenating serum for the skin and apply tad bit of it on the entire face. Serums are very thin in consistency and they can go deep into the skin while you sleep to help replenish the skin and even get rid of the blemishes and aging signs. Use a non-greasy one if your skin is too oily.

Following the above steps will help you give a nice glow the next morning. Plus, you will feel a visible difference in the health of your skin in no time. Night time skincare can actually transform the skin entirely. You can also use a mask once or twice a week before going to bed for extra pampering and deep exfoliation. Check out our list of 10 best face masks for different skin types on our site.


I hope that the above reviews helped you greatly to find the right moisturizer to add in your night time skincare routine. Never go to bed without pampering your skin a little. Our skin is just like a plant that needs extra care throughout the day. Ignoring it for a day can wither it away.

If you follow the mentioned guide, I believe you will benefit a lot and see a visible difference in your skin. I hope you do not just read it but follow it too. So, choose your best pick from the list above and start using it today!