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How to choose the best hair conditioner?

What is a hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner is a product for extra hair care. It used to improve the texture, look, as well as manageability of all types of hair. Its major purpose is to reduce the damage of hair while brushing. Good conditioner reduces friction between filaments of hair to allow easier combing.  Conditioners can reduce the split-ends of the hair. It helps to repair the damaged hair. Although it also makes the hair more strengthen; give shine and beauty to the hair.

Selecting the hair conditioner for any type of hair is a very difficult phase because there is a lot of conditioner is available in the market. During shopping, every woman gets confused while selecting the best hair conditioner. The main reason is that they don’t know the exact type of their hair. They have less knowledge about the hair conditioner. It is available in viscous liquids, gels, creams, thinner lotions, as well as in  sprays also. The hair substance always after washing the hair.  This applied the wet hair for short time least for 1-5 min and then washed out.

Hair conditioner is a conditioning or moisturizing agent because it fabricated of ingredients. Such as oils, and emollients, silicones, as well as cationic surfactants. These ingredients combination restock hair’s moisture after some of it uncovered from shampooing.

Types of Conditioner:

conditioner types


There are a lot of types of hair conditioners but all conditioners are not the same. Some conditioners are for daily use and some for weekly. Some listed below:

1. Immediate Conditioners:

Instant/ immediate conditioners designed for daily use. It is watery and in liquid form. It is best for those people who have thin and oily hair. This type of hair conditioner is not for a deep condition. It acts on the surface of the hair. If you use an immediate or instant hair conditioner then you need a deep hair conditioner for weekly use.

2. Rinse-out Conditioners:

It is the most common conditioner. Rinse-out hair conditioners are easy to use rinse-out conditioners. It applied on hair for a very short time and then rinses it out. Rinse-out hair conditioner is best for the outer layer of hair cuticles. It makes the hair smooth and shiny. This type of hair conditioner protects the hair against heat styling. Best rinse-out hair conditioner is idyllic for daily use with a proper shampoo. The rinse-out hair conditioner is ideal for almost every type of hair. Most hair types can use from a rinse out hair conditioner.  It is especially oily, normal and dry hair types.

3. Cream-rinse Conditioners:

Cream-rinse conditioners are great for combing. It is an ideal best conditioner for heat protection. You can use this conditioner after your regular conditioner. And shampoo for heat protects partition. These types of conditioner usually not have all the oils, moisturizers, and ingredients. That fascinated to hair.  As found in other types of best hair conditioners. Like in deep conditioner, a moisturizing conditioner or a protein conditioner.

4. Moisturizing Conditioners:

This is the good hair conditioner. It boosts the moisture, hair elasticity and reduces frizz.

5. Protein Conditioners:

Protein conditioners are rebuilding mutilation along the hair’s cuticle. This type of hair conditioner is acting on the hair surface. Only when you wash your hair, the protein removes. It also boosts the moisture, unlike the protein treatments.

6. Deep Conditioners:

Deep conditioner is an ideal hair conditioner. As its name suggests, it works at a deeper level of hair. It is ideal for dry and damaged hair. The components in deep hair conditioners used to give the dryness factor. It also converses the damage. It consists of waxes, oils, and emulsifier.

Deep hair conditioners are generally applied and left in your hair for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you should rinse out the hair. The effect of this type of hair conditioner is not permanent in any situation. It is the better  hair conditioner on a weekly or monthly basis. It is ideal for a week or 10 days.

It also boosts moisture and protein.Therefore it also strengthens the hair strands.

7. Leave-in Conditioners:

Leave-in conditioners have a thin consistency, less viscosity, and lightweight. It protects the hair. Above all conditioner is the best moisturizer. These conditioners contain surfactants. This helps to make a thin layer of the conditioner. The thin layer is a coating on the hair chutes. Conditioner can use as a styling product. It is also abundant de-danglers. Leave-in hair conditioners are best for all thin, curly and greasy hair types.

How to select a conditioner according to your hair type?

Now the question is how to choose hair conditioner according to the hair scalp type? There are a lot of options are available in the market. But only one wrong option can ruin and damage your hair. Before purchasing a common hair conditioner.  We tell you about which type of conditioner is best for your hair.

Before you select a conditioner.  You must know a little about what hair conditioner is best for your hair.

Conditioner used after washing your hair. It intended to remove the lost moisture from shampooing. Therefore it makes the hair cuticle smoother than before.  Hair conditioner reduces the tangling. This product increases hair shine and decreases the static. Helps to make your hair manageable.

Yes, in short conditioner is important for all hair types. But every hair conditioner will not work for your hair type.

Always shampoo should select based on your scalp condition.  Conditioner should use to delight and enhance the condition of the hair. If your hair is oily and your hair ends are dry then select a shampoo that suited for an oily scalp  because the conditioner  is ideal to hydrate your dry hair ends.

When selecting  hair conditioner reflects the way your hair touches. Are you dealing with a great deal of static? Does your hair are dry, damaged, or stiff? Are your hairs is oily, limp, or lacking shines?

For oily hair:

If your hairs are oily or greasy you should avoid conditioner altogether. Because often treasure that conditioner makes your hair feel shoddier.

Some people can avoid the conditioner with good luck. Similarly there are some conditioners that help an oily situation. Here’s what to aspect for and what to skip when selecting a shampoo for an oily scalp:

Escape all that  conditioners that are hydrating, moisturizing, or smoothing. Avoid conditioners that are good for curly hair. This type of  conditioners inclines to add too much moisture to your hair. It will cause your hair to be floppy.

Read the labels that light, balancing, and strengthening. Protein  conditioner is the best thing for oily hair. These hair conditioners are less moisturizing. It is also more effective at removing surplus oil.

When you apply hair conditioner, keep the conditioner off your scalp. Apply a small amount to the ends of hair and spend extra time rinsing. Wash your hair for at least 30 seconds.

If your hair is well and oily, try to use conditioner first, and then shampoo.

For dry hair:

If you have dry, damaged or brittle hair then the right best hair conditioner can break your nice hair time. It’s important to select  hair conditioner. That will prevent your hair for future damage:

Skip strengthening, stimulating, and volumizing conditioners.

For hair that is a little dry look for shampoo tags. That endorse moisture, hydration, smoothing, balancing or curls. This  conditioner is best for humidity balance.  Without adding too much to ponder your hair down.

If your hair is very dry, damaged, and or stiff reflect a conditioner that packs a stiffer punch. Always find labels that help repair from damage, control crimp. Find which are worthy for highlighted hair, and guard against heat damage.

Deep hair Conditioners are an abundant venture for dry and damaged hair. With use 1 – 5 times per month, it will help to repair your damaged hair. It will prevent future damage.

Try to use a coconut oil treatment for penetrating damage repair.

For curly hair:

Curly hair bends and curves. Because of twists, it can be brittle and delicate. Because of its curvy nature, it produces natural oils by the scalp. It makes it soften and protect the hair strands from top to bottom. All curly hair girls practice low levels of moisture. In crux, curly hair is craving hair.

Curly hairs have always a slight balance between moistness and protein. Always check the hair conditioner before use.  After shampoo always uses a deep conditioner. Leave-in hair conditioner is best for curly hair. Leave-in hair conditioner locks moisture and protects curls from becoming too bulbous. It also defends from heat up to 450 degrees.

For Normal Hair:

Normal hair is one of the perfect textures of hair. Normal hair doesn’t sensation necessarily oily but doesn’t sense dry either.

If one has normal hair, they are very lucky. There is a wide range of conditioner options those women don’t have to find out for the dangers.

Many people who have this type of hair use the different type of conditioners. Deep conditioner is ideal for normal hair.

Impact of hair conditioner:

Impact of Best Hair Conditioner


 Hair conditioner refortifies the cuticle with a defensive coating. It is letting the hair to keep growing. It does not break easily. According to Washington, D.C.-based dermatologist Adam Friedman. Who likens conditioner to cement filling a pothole.

“When the hair exposed to the outside world, the cuticle, or outer lining.  It gets damaged until it breaks.  The conditioner seals in those injuries and hairs the hair to assist the cuticle.”

 Conditioners are imaginary to have a positive effect on hair.  Some listed below:

  • Add extra shine to the hair
  • It makes the hair more soft and silky.
  • Help to brush hair easily.
  • It makes hair stronger.
  • It helps protect hair by restoring its natural oils.
  • It makes the hair more manageable.
  • Conditioner prevents the hair from excessive damage.
  • It protects the hair from breakage.
  • Conditioner helps to restore moisture into your hair.
  • It makes your hair moisture your hair all the time.
  • The hair conditioner helps to preserve the shape of your haircut
  • It improves the texture of your hair.
  • Hair Conditioner makes the hair smoother.
  • It detangles the hair and increase shine
  •  Hair conditioner reduces frizz and marks it feel nice to touch.

Avoid things to do when use best hair conditioners:

Hair conditioner composed of chemical so sometimes it can damage the hair. So you should care when choosing  hair conditioner. Some points listed below to guide which things should avoid.

  • Always use a type of conditioner suitable for your hair type.
  • Don’t select the wrong  conditioner which is not compatible with your hair.
  • If you have oily hair then don’t use a conditioner of dry hair because it will make your hair weighed down greasier.
  • If you have dry hair and you are using oily hair conditioner then it can make your hair more dry and frizzy.
  • Avoid non organic conditioners

How does best hair conditioner do to your hair?

selection of best hair conditioner


Shampoo purposes to sanitary the scalp of dirt, and excess oil. Conditioner fixes this problem by actually talking the requirements of the hair. Ahead of shampoo, hair is under attack all day.  It is from rough weather to scrubbing. To blow-drying, to products placed on the hair, hair gets exaggerated. Hair consists of small cells all over them. In short  when hair dried or damaged, these cells protrude to get moisture and nutrition. This makes hair look dull, dry, and deserted.  Above all Conditioners squash down the scales so that it can seem like it anticipated again.

Conditioning helps every hair it feels as it deluges the hair with hydration.  And nutrition that has lost throughout the day. Therefore conditioner is the backbone of the hair care routine.

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