How to Make Your Skin Squeaky Clean at Home

With our hectic schedules, it often becomes absolutely impossible to take time out for an appointment at a spa and salon. The skin needs some pampering every now and then, and a proper clean-up mission too for unclogging the pores and leaving it all squeaky clean.

The kind of polluted environment we are living in today, it is always less no matter how hard or how long we cleanse our skin. What matters is that we give it a nice clean up at home on a regular basis for preventing any bacteria to grow on to our skin and letting the pores breathe again. The cleaner the skin is, the healthier it looks and feels in the long run. Plus, it also stays youthful too.

You do not have time for all the spa and long facials? Fret not! Follow these easy steps at home which will not take much efforts and time and leave your skin super clean:

Cleanse Your Face

face cleansing

Cleansing is the basic step in any skincare routine and one must not skip it no matter what. Use a good quality cleanser that suits your skin type perfectly. Massage your skin with it in circular motions for 2 minutes for improved blood circulation and proper removal of dirt and makeup residues. Also, make sure you do not use a cleanser that strips off the layer of natural oils on your skin.

Always use warm water for rinsing off your face instead of water with extreme temperatures. Once you are done with the cleansing, use the cleansing milk or micellar water by applying it with a cotton pad all over your face. Doing so will help unclog the pores and remove any residues just in case.

Prep Your Face with Steam

face steaming

If you want your pores to be deeply cleansed, I would suggest you to first prep your skin by taking some steam or probably a hot bath as it gets the job done as well. You might be wondering how it preps the face for deep cleansing. Let me tell you how; when the skin gets steam, the pores open up and that is exactly when you move on to the next step which is exfoliation. You can massage your skin with an ice cube to close them down later. However, this step is totally on you and you can skip it if you think it is a little extra. It does help me a lot to get the job done well though.

Exfoliate the Open Pores Gently

Once your skin is all prepped up, take a nice gentle exfoliating formula and massage your skin for a few minutes. Make sure the exfoliants are not too harsh, fragrant or irritating for the skin in any way. Be very gentle on the skin and massage it in circular motions for turning the dead skin into balls. If you do not have a scrub, fret not! You can make one easily at home. All you need is honey and some crushed brown sugar. Mix them together and scrub your face using the natural most effective product of your own!

Apply a Face Mask

face masks for blackheads

Once you are done exfoliating your face, take a nice face mask that goes with your skin type and apply it evenly on the skin. You can check out our detailed guides on face masks for further assistance in the selection process. If you are low on budget or do not have time to get face mask, you can easily make one at home using the ingredients in your kitchen as well. Read our article on DIY homemade face masks and try them out.

Tone Your Face

Toning the face helps lock the benefits of your face mask while improving the hydration level of the skin. Plus, it soothes the skin down and helps to even out the skin tone and texture as well. Use a toner with soothing agents like cucumber, aloe and rosewater in it.

Moisturize the Skin Well

moisturizer for sensitive skin

This is the most important step of all as well just like cleansing. No matter what your skin type is, moisturizing your skin is a must and you cannot skip it at any cost. Use a moisturizer as per your skin type. For instance, those who have oily skin should go for moisturizers that are non-greasy, non-comedogenic and gel-like in consistency.

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